Wine cellar design

Wine cellar design-01

This wine cellar interior was created for an old wooden house in a heart of the Swiss Alps. The country-style of the interior was the main requirement from the clients - the house is around 150 years old and the owners wanted to renovate it but to keep it to the style of the shepherd's house as it was originally. This interior was originally a barn in the lower floor of the house. It ideally matches the wine cellar purpose - lack of light, low ceiling, and wooden walls. In the first version of the design, we separated the wine cellar itself from a bar area with the glass wall but in a while, the clients decided to open it up for the interior to feel more spacious. In the back of the bar area, we placed the kitchenette but as the clients wanted it to be kind of hidden, we made the facades flat and dark so they create a background for the central table and bar chairs.
Wine cellar design-02 For the wine cellar area, we decided to place a barrel table and a few barrel poufs to add an interesting mood. The led lighting hidden under the shelves creates cozyness and emphasizes the stone texture of the walls. Of course, we started the design process from space planning, but 3d visualization helped clients to choose between different options and decide which of them worked better for them. If you plan to redesign or renovate a room or area in your home or apartment, note that 3d rendering can help you avoid the unforeseen result or expenses. You can learn more about it here and contact us if you'd like us to help you design or visualize your project. We'll be glad to!