Staircase redesign

Staircase redesign-01

When you have to redesign a 150-year old wooden house it can be a challenge due to the limitations it has. This staircase is very narrow and the owners wanted to have a good view to the window with a stunning view. Partly the wood is old but the ceiling was removed so the top part of the wood is new and the shade of it is different. The beams that hold the roof are authentic and it was a challenge to come up with the lighting scheme that would work well in this situation. The previous designers proposed to cover the whole corridor with new wood and place a loft-style chandelier, make the railings made of glass. But the owners wanted the look to be more cozy than modern. That's why we decided to use glass for railings but add wooden posts so they don't look too modern and sleek.
Staircase redesign-02
In this case, 3d visualization helps a lot to understand if the ideas that the owners wanted to try work or not. We tried a lot of options before found the best one that looks modern but not too much and feels right in the present interior. Even the most the best imagination sometimes can miss the details or build the picture differently than it would look in reality. That's why the 3d rendering became an integral part of any interior or exterior design. It's a lot faster and easier to make changes when it's just a digital picture than it's a built interior. It helps you to save time, money and effort.
Staircase redesign-03
There are different software and services that help in creating 3d renders of interiors. But it takes a lot of time to learn the new software that's why we recommend to outsource 3drendering part of the design project to the specialized teams that will make your interior precise and realistic-looking. Contact us if you need any assistance in interior design or 3d rendering.