Small office design

Small office design-01

This office interior was created for the client that wanted it to be simple with the touch of bright colors. This office had to include a few areas - workplaces, conference tables, and storage. With proper space planning we included all the needed areas and furniture. Of course, to make the interior look welcoming and comfortable to work there, the colors are very important. In our opinion, a monochromatic palette with an addition of green and yellow accents was the best option as it's natural and comfortable for work and yet has a few bright spots. If you're interested in choosing the right color palette for your interior, read this article to learn a few professional tips
Small office design-02
Regarding visualization, we decided to use a combined lighting scheme - daylight and soft sunlight along with the artificial light on. Looking for more information about the lighting of interiors in 3d visualization? Read our recent article to learn Everything you should know about interior lighting rendering. Types of light fixtures to use in renders.. When combining the sunlight with the artificial it's important to keep the balance between them so the artificial light doesn't look more intensive than the sunlight, especially if it's a noon pictured. In our case, we made the sunlight looking like the morning light, so it's soft and leaves enough room for artificial light. In our opinion, sunlight always adds brightness to the room and as it's an office and the purpose of the interior, in general, is to work, the lighting should be bright and welcoming there to create the right mood for employees. Credits for the design and 3d visualization of this interior go to Kristina Shylova.