Small Light Bathroom Design

Small Light Bathroom Design-01

This small but light bathroom design was created for a contemporary apartment. The clients wanted the design to be light and cozy. The wall and floor tiles that look like natural stone make a welcoming impression. In a busy today's world, there's no time to clean much. That's why we decided to use closed storage and a built-in lavatory pan - this minimizes the surfaces that need to be cleaned. A few wooden shelves by the bathtub and a raw of open shelves in between 2 closed cabinets add warmth to the bathroom look.
When it comes to the interior color palette, you can choose both contrasting vivid color palette or pastel shades, but note, that vivid and contrasting colors can annoy after quite some time of using it, especially vivid shades of red. It's better to use vivid colors as accents so you don't become irritated with your own place of living. Small Light Bathroom Design-02 To make sure that you chose the right colors for the interior you're working on, it's always great to do 3d rendering of it. It helps a lot to understand if that's the look you are looking for. 3d visualization became an integral part of interior design due to its possibilities to show and change the design even before it's built. You can use some online services or free programs to produce it, or you can outsource it to us or any other 3d rendering studios online. This way you can get 3d renders of the interior you need and you can have a few revisions to fine-tune the created design. You can get to perfect as close as possible because 3d rendering became very precise and realistic-looking. Contact us if you need any help with 3d rendering or interior design and we will be glad to help. The credits for this bathroom design go to Nadiia Dema.