Small Kid's Room Design

Small Kid's Room Design-01

This small kid's room was created for a young family without kids yet. The goal was to create a room that would be comfortable for boy or girl, or both and to is used as an office by the young couple. In this case, we decided to use a transformer bed that is hidden in the wardrobe during the day and can be used as a double bed for kids or guests. The clients wanted the interior to be light so we decided to use a warm pastel color palette that will fit any purpose of the room. It's won't be too bright for kids or for office use. For such s small room we decided to use only 2 types of lighting - recessed central light and two spots on a track. This will allow the owners to light the needed area and the room not to be overlighted by too many light fixtures.
Small Kid's Room Design-02 When you come into the empty room mostly it's difficult to imagine how it will look when furnished and renovated. In this case, interior design and 3d rendering services help a lot. If you consider using those services, check out or Ultimate Guide on How To Choose An Interior Designer/3d visualizer. on the main page. You can find useful tips on choosing and understanding the designers, especially if you haven't used their services yet. You can also contact us for any interior design or 3d rendering services as outsourcing became a common thing in today's world.