Small home office design

Small home office design-01

This small home office was designed in an old wooden house in the middle of the Swiss Alps. The views out the windows were stunning. As the office was very small and the client wanted it to be both as a small lounge and working area, we decided to place a table in the center with 2 chairs and a bookshelf that can be used for work on the laptop as well. As the color palette of the room is more or less defined by the wooden texture of the walls and the client wanted the interior to feel light and welcoming, we decided to use lighter wooden flooring and furniture not to make the room too bright or colorful. Having trouble choosing the right colors for your room? We have useful tips for choosing the right color palette for you that any amateur or professional can use. We created many options for the space planning of this room along with lots of 3d visualization options and it helped the clients a lot to understand what they really wanted of this room. If you're still confused about how the interior design differs from 3d visualization, read our article on this topic here.
Small home office design-02 Today, when the world became so dependent on digital technologies, more and more people want their apartments, homes, or public spaces to be designed and visualized before they even start the renovation process. This helps a lot to avoid the unforeseen expenses and unexpected results of the renovation process. Learn more about how the design and 3d rendering services help to save money on renovation and make your interior timeless. If you need any advice or want us to help you create the design or 3d renders of the interior you have, contact us and we'll be glad to help!