Small bedroom design

Small bedroom design-01

Bedroom design is both simple and complex task for a designer. When you have a room it looks like you just have to choose a beautiful bed and decor and that's it. But The trick here is that if it's a modern bedroom with the clean lines and simple design, it may look too empty and unfinished if you just pick the bed and put it against the empty wall. This bedroom was created for a 2-story apartment as a guest bedroom. It's small but it has a big advantage - it has 2 windows so it doesn't look too dark. To balance the space above the bed headboard and not to clutter it, we decided to make an accent purple wall that accentuates the simple yet elegant bed.
To create a color balance in this room we used the rule of 50-30-10-10 you can read about it here. Sometimes it's difficult to find harmony with 3 colors, but with the help of this rule, you can combine 4-5 colors and make the look great together.
Small bedroom design-02 If you're looking for more design tips to enhance your bedroom design, check our article here. We always try to underline that space planning is the fundamental and most important part of any design, but there are a lot more useful tips that not only help to make the room comfortable and useful in a functional way but that help to make it psychologically comfortable and relaxing. Sometimes it's really helpful to use 3d visualization and design services to make the design process easier. This way you just need to have clear vision of what you want and make sure to use these tips to choose the right designer for you. If you need any of these services, contact us and we'll be glad to help you create the interior of your dreams.