Small bakery design

Small bakery design -01

This bakery interior design was created and built in a small space but it serves its purpose as good as it can. The whole idea of this bakery is to be small, to have a big showcase with the pastry, good coffee machine and a few sits to drink a tasty late. Of course, first of all, we worked on the space planning of all the needed furniture and appliances in the space, after that, we placed as many sits for the customers as possible to feel comfortable and not to run into each other.
Small bakery design -02 The style of the interior is simple and modern with a hint of loft-style as the franchise branding requires. To light a showcase track lights and pendants are used - they are very stylish and serve this purpose very well. As multi-layered lighting always adds coziness, there are also decorative light bulbs in the wireframe above the coffee tables. They don't shine brightly but add the needed mood to the area. A big part of this design project is, of course, 3d visualization. It's very important because the customers that want to open a bakery not only have floor plans and material selections but can imagine how the interior will look almost exactly as it's already built.
Small bakery design -03 You can't neglect the importance of a visual presentation in these days of virtual reality and huge 3d software possibilities that give you an opportunity to create pictures as close to reality as possible. Market specialists know it very well that the customers will prefer the projects and presentations with visual content over those that don't have it. If you don't want to lose your potential clients, don't hesitate to contact us and we'll do our best to create you a design and 3d visualizations of your project as realistic as possible! We're always glad to help.