Small apartment design

Small apartment design-01

Designing small apartments is always all about functionality and comfort. Correct space planning is crucial in this case. As such an apartment is most suitable for a couple or one person, to live in, we decided that a counter by the kitchen island should be enough so we don't use too much space for a dining table. A kitchen island can be considered as a waste of space but there's not that much space for cooking at the kitchen counter as it includes the sink and a coffeemaker. But those were clients' preferences.
To hide the kitchen hood we came up with the idea to make a shelf for plants around it. This way we got an additional place to put greeneries and hide a massive hood in the middle of the room.
Large windows gave us the opportunity to play with a dark contrasting color palette in this interior. Not every interior is suitable for that as dark colors always make the space look smaller. But here we had a lot of light coming from floor-to-ceiling windows.
Small apartment design-02 If you're still deciding whether or not to use interior design services for your apartment interior, consider these aspects that maybe you're not aware of right now. Obviously, before deciding if you want to use the interior designer's services, you'll consider the budget, but, please, note, that even though the design project will have a price, having it can save you a lot of time, money, and effort when doing the renovation. I mean the time that you will spend searching for the right space planning solutions, furniture, materials, lighting fixtures, money - unforeseen expenses if you forget to place enough sockets or when the renovation is completed you learn that there is a more efficient and comfortable way to place your kitchen appliances that were already installed.