Pub 3d rendering

Pub 3d rendering-01

This 3d visualization was created for Studio Six5 using a complete design project that included a set of plans, elevations, materials/light fixtures/furniture selections. Like every 3d rendering project, this one included a few revisions before we finished the project. Outsourcing of 3d rendering work will be successful if the designer/manager that outsources the work has all the needed information for the project, the information is up to date and finalized. That's crucial for good 3d rendering and communication. If you have a complete design project and have doubts about how to outsource it - don't worry, 3d visualizers will do their best to help. You just need to provide finalized information, stay in touch and give clear comments on a few stages of revisions. To help you understand what are common mistakes that make the work process fail, read this article

If you don't know how 3d visualization works - imagine that you have to build the interior and all the furniture and details in it in reality just using 3d software. You can read more about the stages of 3d rendering here. To build all the details you have to have a set of plans (floor plan, ceiling plan, light fixture plan, etc), interior elevations that will include all the information about the elements placed on the walls or attached to the walls, also you need to include material/furniture/lighting fixture selections because 3d visualizers have to know their detailed dimensions, materials they're made of, amount of lumens the lights produce, etc.

Don't forget to include requirements to the points of view that you want to present, lighting scheme that you like and details that you want to include in 3d renderings, like coffee on the cafe table, or a glass of beer if they matter to you. Sometimes these details matter a lot in creating the right mood for your interior. We all know that people don't buy precise 3d renders or nice fabric textures - they pay for emotions and feelings that the interior is going to provide to them or their visitors.
This 3d visualization created by Andrii Korol.