Monochromatic kitchen design and kitchen makeover tips

Monochromatic kitchen design and kitchen makeover tips-01

We all know that a kitchen, especially an open-planned one is always the center of all life in any apartment or house. This modern monochromatic kitchen isn't an exception. It's a part of an apartment for a young entrepreneur that wanted it to be comfortable and masculine. He preferred different shades of gray for the color palette. As this open-planned kitchen had to include a dining and lounge area, we decided to divide it into 3 main areas - kitchen with the kitchenette and an island that could be used as a bar table for a few people to drink coffee, eat breakfast, or cook. The dining area includes a dining folding table so more guests can be served. The lounge area is presented by a folding sofa and a coffee table with a view to a panoramic window and a TV.
The ceiling in the apartment is low and the construction beams are visible, but for some reason, the client didn't want to leave the beams wooden. We decided to use the covered beams as an interesting design element. As they looked a little heavy we lit them with the LED strips all along and inserted the spotlights into them as well to have 2 types of lighting in the room.
Monochromatic kitchen design and kitchen makeover tips-02 If talking about kitchen space planning, it's important to place the main areas in the right order and not too far from each other. If you plan to design or re-design your kitchen, you have to take into account a few important ergonomic and technical standards. Of course, it's important to place the sink not too far from the water pipes and plumbing to avoid the blocked plumbing and other technical problems. It's also mandatory to have an HVAC system in the kitchen. Regarding space planning, it's recommended to place the fridge (storage of the food), sink, and stove no further than 3 meters from each other. The best placement is a row or a triangle. And it's recommended to place the storage of the food closer to the entry door, than a sink and a stove. But you can adjust these recommendations for your particular room as it's not always possible to apply all the recommendations in one room. If you plan to renovate your bathroom as well, read our article on 9 Bathroom Makeover Tips to For Design Amateurs.