Modern kitchen interior design

Modern kitchen interior design-01

This small kitchen-dining design was created for a young family. The aim was to combine the functions of the kitchen, dining, and living room in a small space. In this case, on a stage of space planning, we decided to divide the room into areas, but as the room isn't big, the sofa is attached to the bar table and it can be turned around to face the table if the family invites the guests.
Modern kitchen interior design-02
As the clients liked the dark wood, we used it for the kitchenette and other furniture pieces. The kitchen area is also divided by the different tiles on the floor. To make the colors work together we used a few shades of wood, beige and gray. Regarding the visualization, the lighting scheme, the daylight combined with the lights on creates a natural look.
Modern kitchen interior design-03
If you plan a kitchen renovation, it's important to work on space planning so it's comfortable and useful. For such rooms as kitchen and bathroom, interior spacing is crucial because they are used most of all rooms. The color scheme and materials that are used in the room design influence the mood that it creates, that's why it's important to use not too many bright and vibrant colors. They can irritate after quite some time. Note, that 3d visualization and interior design can be separate services. Read here, why. High-quality 3d renders of the interior should include correct points of view that represent the design in the best possible way without visible distortion. It should also include realistic-looking materials and textures, lighting scheme that makes the interior look even more appealing to the clients. Contact us if you need assistance in interior design or 3d visualization of your interiors and we'll be glad to help!