Modern bedroom interior design case study

Modern bedroom interior design case study -01

We created this bedroom design for a young couple that likes a modern and cozy look. Of course, space planning was the first stage of this room. First of all, we always make sure to ask clients a lot of questions and make a list of all requirements and needs that they have. This helps us to create an interior that serves all the clients' needs. In this case, there was a pantry beside the bedroom but the clients wanted to have both a pantry/laundry and a closet so we decided to take a part of a pantry and turn it into a closet. We built-in the washing and drying machines in the other part of it.
As the wife needs a dressing table and a husband needs a working area, we made sure to place them here as well. This way the bedroom includes all the functions that the clients need besides the basic one - sleeping.
Modern bedroom interior design case study -02 Space planning not only includes placing the needed furniture but first of all, placing it in accordance with ergonomic standards so you not only have all the needed functions covered but it also comfortable to move around the room. This is very important for the space to feel airy enough and not too cluttered.
Modern bedroom interior design case study -03 After these issues were covered, we started peaking the furniture style, color palette, and decorative elements. The clients like wooden planks, simple furniture styles, and natural colors. The room divider made of wooden planks serves to separate the working area from the bed but also doesn't look too heavy. Gray walls are a good background for the light furniture. We used 2 shades of wood as the dark wood is used all around the apartment, but it would look too heavy if we also used it for the furniture and planks.
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