Modern bathroom design

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If you have a wooden house, you can make it look stylish and modern. Nowadays there are lots of new materials like stuccos that can replace traditional tiles and make the bathroom look more simple and modern. For this project, the clients wanted not only a modern look but beautiful accent lighting as well. In the first option of the layout, the shower was placed by the right wall but after we checked the ceiling height in the lowest point under the beams, we decided to move the shower to the left side. If you have room, instead of standard built-in lights you can use a built-in LED strip, that will create a lit line instead of spots. You can also hide the strip behind the beams or under the sink cabinet, but you'll need some space for hiding an electrical transformer that a LED strip requires.
Modern bathroom design ideas for a wooden house can be so various, that we created at least 12 options for this bathroom. But let's discuss what you should start from before thinking about the decorative lighting.

To design any room, first of all, you need to think of your needs and define them: ask yourself if you need cabinets or open shelves, wide or narrow sink, maybe storage for laundry - anything that you need in your bathroom. When you ask yourself enough questions from the beginning and try to fulfill all your needs in design, you get a chance to design a really useful and comfortable room. But if you first think of the look and after implementing the design, find out that you don’t have enough storage for your stuff, it will be annoying all the time.
Modern bathroom design-02 Read more about the Interior Design Questions Before You Plan an Apartment. After you define your needs, you can start from this list:

  • measure it carefully, draw the plan on a paper, or in any online application/program. That’s crucial because if you don’t do that, you can choose the wrong size of sanitary ware/furniture and have problems installing and using it, especially if the bathroom isn’t large.
  • then you have to mark the plumbing on the plan. If you decide to change the placement of the lavatory pan or a sink, don’t put them too far from the current plumbing to avoid the clogs.
  • after that, you need to decide what sanitary ware and furniture you need and find information about its measurements to put it onto the floor plan. Note, that you have to have enough space for walking between the sanitary ware and bathroom furniture, the minimum space between 2 pieces where you have to walk should be not less than 60 cm. Otherwise, the space will be too tight.
  • After you fit all the furniture and sanitary ware you need onto the plan, think about the lighting - do you want wall sconces on both sides of the mirror or LED lighting of the mirror itself? Note, that if you want good lighting by the mirror, don’t put the light right above the mirror or above the sink, that way you’ll get awful shades on your face when looking into the mirror. There are plenty of interesting lighting ideas that you can implement depending on the style of bathroom you choose, but when designing, do your best to make it comfortable and easy to use - place the switches close to the door or where it’s easy to reach them, place enough sockets, especially if you use the hairdryer or an electrical razor.
  • you can choose the color palette, wall decor, wall and floor tiles, etc. You can read Key Tips on Choosing the Right Color Palette for Interior Design I hope, these tips will help you to design a comfortable and stylish bathroom that you dream about.