Masculine bedroom design

Masculine bedroom design-01

This bedroom design was created for a couple that likes dark colors and a simple sleek interior style. The clients provided us with the references of the interiors they liked, but the most tricky thing in this bedroom design was to combine the colors. Even though they are mostly dark, and look contrasting, they are all close shades and almost the same darkness and we had not to make them not look similar and boring. There were a few options for the bed fabric that the manufacturer provided, first we wanted to choose chocolate brown, but it looked too dark on the black background that's why we decided to choose a lighter shade.

The lighting in the room depends not only on the light fixtures and amount of daylight but also on the floor and ceiling colors and materials. We didn't want to do anything extravagant with the ceiling so we left it white and chose the beige shade. Want to know more about color combinations in interior design? Read Key Tips on Choosing the Right Color Palette for Interior Design.

We kept the space planning simple in this room. As the apartment isn't large and there's no walk-in closet, we placed the wardrobe in the bedroom. The clients wanted the design to be simple, so we used a minimum number of decor. Looking for any ideas? Read about our tips on How to Decorate a Bedroom here if you plan to decorate your bedroom on your own.

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