Loft kitchen design

Loft kitchen design-01

People often ask how to design a kitchen. It's a complex question. Of course, first of all you'd think of the wall and furniture design, but we're not tired of telling that space planning is the key to the comfortable interior. In kitchen design it's crucial. Why? Because people spend a lot of time in kitchens and if the kitchen layout doesn't fit the ergonomic standards, people that use it will feel uncomfortable and will get tired soon there.

What details should you consider while designing a kitchen? There are a few important things here:

  • ventilation ducts placement;
  • plumbing and water pipes placement;
  • overall placement of the fridge, sink, and stove;
  • the list of kitchen appliances that will need electrical outlets, water, ventilation, or plumbing.

    It will be best to place the stove and kitchen hood as close to the ventilation ducts as possible and to do the same with the sink and dishwasher - place them as close to plumbing and water pipes as possible. This will assure that your ventilation and plumbing work well and don't clock often. But of course, if that's impossible - you can place them further. To avoid extra walking around the kitchen, it's recommended to place 3 main points of the kitchen - fridge, sink and stove in a line in this order, or in a triangle. it's important, because when cooking, first you take the food from the fridge, wash it and cook in after that. The distance between those 3 points should be no more than 3 meters.

    After you make a decision on the layout of the kitchen appliances, you should also take into account, which of them need electrical outlets and place them correctly. And only after that, you can work on all other details of the design, like kitchen furniture style, walls, flooring, etc. If you do the design in this order, it will be both stylish, comfortable, and functional. Also, it will be very handy if you provide the lighting onto the kitchenette tabletop. If you want us to help you create comfortable and stylish kitchen design - contact us and we'll be glad to help.