Light bathroom design

Light bathroom design-01

The first and one of the most important things to do when designing a bathroom is space planning as most bathrooms are not large rooms and you need to put a lot of sanitary ware and some storage. That's why it's important to measure and plan carefully. Mostly space looks bigger than it is in reality. If you have no idea how much space you need for everything you want to have in your bathroom, you can use ergonomic standards to make a basic floor plan, also you can use the measurements from the online stores - the measurements of all the sanitary ware and furniture are always provided in the descriptions. After you choose the furniture and sanitary ware you need to pick the materials for the flooring and walls. You have different options - tiles, wall paint, special stuccos. And after deciding on the materials that meet your requirements, you should choose the colors for your bathroom.
Light bathroom design-02 This bathroom design was created for a family that already had an apartment with bright colors and sleek design and this time the clients wanted the design to be light and simple. That's was the reason for us to use a pastel color palette. If you are looking for Tips on Choosing the Right Color Palette for Interior, read our article here. We explain a simple way to pick the right colors and combine them so the interior looks exactly as you want it. Interior colors always influence our mood as they are the background. Pastel palettes like this one - ivory, white and beige create feelings of calmness and relief. That's how the bathroom should feel. But as well light colors give the interior the feel of a bigger space. That's always good for small spaces. Need any help with designing your bathroom? Contact us and we'll be glad to help.