Laundry in a wooden house

Laundry in a wooden house-01

As always, there are some challenges, when creating any interior. This time, the laundry was located in a 150-year old wooden house in a heart of the Swiss Alps. And it's age and materials dictated the design we created. As the house is located in the village museum, the owners could change some details, but the ceiling of the laundry had to remain made of old wood and we couldn't install any light fixtures into it. But if you have to install the light fixtures into the walls, you have to take into account that they can dazzle. So we decided to place the light fixtures above the floor. It will also be useful as this laundry will be used as a mudroom and storage for skis and ski boots.

On the other hand, this type of light created a warm cozy mood in this room, because it's mostly recessed. We added a few lights to lit the stairs, as they're narrow and it's difficult to get enough light there with a traditional light from above. Here are a few more spaces of this enigmatic and yet modern house: wine cellar, bathroom area, kitchen, lounge area, home office.

Gray tiles with the natural stone look always is a good background for other colors. Especially for this space where we had lots of beige wooden walls. We added a purple accent bench for putting shoes on. In the case of this project, 3d rendering was crucial, because it's difficult to predict how the interior will look with all wooden walls that create a warm look. 3D rendering allows to tweak and adjust a lot and compare the result. Sometimes even slight changes create a different result. If you need any assistance with 3D rendering, contact us and we'll be glad to help!