Home to Win bathroom concept design and visualization

Home to Win bathroom concept design and visualization-01

This project was created for Stitch media and Home to win tv show, season 2. Created by a team of designers - Mykhailo Svidryk, Yurii Cherkas, Halina Kucheriava and Yaroslav Kucheriavyi. The main purpose of the project was to create several design options of bathroom, that had to be used in the interactive application on Home to win web site. Each designer received same floor plan and different moodboard that included a few elements. Based on the moodboard, the rest of the design was created by the designers themselves. The project was also challenging, because all the elements (sink cabinets, shower, bathube, etc. had to be separated from the background along with their shadows, so they looked realistic in each design option.

To achieve the main purpose and to get the rooms, where you can turn off and on different options of bathtubes, sinkcabinets,or other elements, we needed to have the same amount of lights in each room, they had to be placed in the same position and had to give sameamount of light. Also the elements had to be more or less same sizes, not to interlay each other. And each room had to look stunning.