Franchise barbershop design

Franchise barbershop design-01

This design was created for a new franchise barbershop. This design was created for a new franchise barbershop. All design always begins from the idea and a floor plan. Space planning goes next and we always do our best to include all the required areas to make space not only useful and comfortable but luxurious as well. This time we had enough space to include not only the barbers' workplaces but a large lounge area, bar, and game area.
Franchise barbershop design-02 There are always some challenges in any interior design project. In this one there were these few: this is a basement with now windows; low ceilings; sewer pipes going right under the ceiling. We had to hide the pipes, use the brand colors - white and black, make the space feel masculine, put enough workplaces to make it profitable.
Franchise barbershop design-03 To hide the pipes, we created a plasterboard box that looks like part of the design. As the ceiling is really low, we decided just to paint the concrete in black paint, so we save every centimeter of the rooms' height. Taking into account the clients' wishes to use plenty of black color, we had to place enough light so the barbers can work comfortably. Here you can read the tips about choosing the right color palette for any interior. We decided to make the lounge area dark so it feels comfortable and relaxing, while the barbers' area is lit well and bright.
Franchise barbershop design-04 Instead of traditional railings, we decided to use a glass wall that separates the stairs from the lounge area and makes the lounge area even cozier. Also, the glass wall will transfer some daylight into space. If you need any help in creating interior design and 3d rendering of it - contact us and we'll help you. Franchise barbershop design-05