Franchise bakery interior design

Franchise bakery interior design-01

This bakery design was created for a new franchise bakery. As it's located in a 19th-century building, the idea was to use old brick walls as a decorative background that would add texture to the design. The style of the bakery is et by the franchise but we added some greenery to make it even more interesting and cozy. If you're designing the bakery or other space with a lot of customers, it's very important to take the movement of the customers into account so there's enough space for those who walk around, wait in the queue and drink coffee. When beginning the space planning sometimes the interior seems a lot bigger than it is in the reality. That's why it's important to begin with measuring and space planning and after placement of all the main furniture pieces like the showcase, fridge, and kitchen appliances, go to placement of the tables, stools, and other smaller elements of the design.
Franchise bakery interior design-02 Of course, every bakery or coffee shop owner wants to place as many seats for the visitors as possible, but it's very important to explain to him that he'll benefit a lot from making his space comfortable to move around over making it cluttered where people stumble over each other.
Franchise bakery interior design-03 3D visualization of the project is an important stage as well because this is the only technology right now that allows the client to see his interior before it's built. It helps both the designer and the client to make the interior design perfect and avoid the unforeseen additional expenses if the design doesn't look right after the implementation. The simplest and yet the most common 3d visualization is static 3D visualization. Basically, it looks like photographs of the room. If you need any assistance in interior design and 3d rendering - contact us and we'll be glad to help!