Fitness club design and 3D visualization

Fitness club design and 3D visualization-01

This fitness club "Sand studio" interior design was created for leasing purposes. The idea was to use sand on the floor to make the workout harder without using weights. The desired color palette had to include these colors: sky blue, the ocean, the sand, the sun. And the main color had to be light blue that is the color of all the lifeguard towers on the beach in California. The clients wanted to use some simple accents with aged driftwood, preferably for reception desk. The interior of the "Sand studio" was divided to get the reception, lounge area and the area for the workout. One of the walls in workout area had to be covered with mirrors.
Fitness club design and 3D visualization-02 Concidering all the requirements of the client, we created contemporaty interior with cozy reception and lounge area that invites to have a drink of fresh juice. Also, the glass walls allow getting a lot of light in the work out area, that is also lit up with pendants and built-in lights.
Fitness club design and 3D visualization-03 It was required to create the concept design and 3d visualization of interior spaces and of the signage on the facade, that opens up to the street. The signage was required to be simple - only "Sand studio" words.
Fitness club design and 3D visualization-04 Fitness club design and 3D visualization-05