Exclusive cafe 3d visualization

Exclusive cafe 3d visualization-01

These 3d visualizations were created for Studio tack (London, UK) using a complete design project. If you want to outsource 3d rendering you can have concerns like Studio tack, but their experience of working with us was really successful. Here's what they said about our work: 'Couldn't have asked for anything better really. Having not used a remote renderer before I was anxious about communication and the details, bit Halina's communication and understanding of design made the process very easy. I will definitely be using her again!"
Exclusive cafe 3d visualization-02 This cafe 3d rendering was really interesting to work on as it's not traditional in any way. The success of the project was assured by effective communication on both our and client's sides, enough information provided to recreate the cafe in 3d and attempts to solve the upcoming issues on both sides.