Dental clinic Restroom design

Dental clinic Restroom design-01

It can seem that small rooms are easier to design than large ones. But that's not always true. In this case, when we had to design a narrow restroom, we had to avoid the feeling that it's a narrow corridor. As every interior design begins from space planning, we located the main appliances - the lavatory pan and a sink close to the water and plumbing, but also the rectangular sink helps to save space. That's the most important asset in this tiny room.

Talking about colors, we decided to make the side walls white. This color creates an impression of a larger space comparing to others and reflects a lot more light. Interested in colors and how to apply them in your interiors? You can read Tips on Choosing the Right Color Palette for Interior Design. White ceiling also helps the interior to seem not too tiny. But we also wanted to add some accents. As the client is fond of natural shades and wood - we used the tiles with wooden style for the front and back walls. And one more interesting detail - the tooth-shaped mirror adds an interesting mood to a dental clinic as well.
Dental clinic Restroom design-02
And one more interesting accent - a floor with a black and white pattern. We looked over tons of tiles before found this one. It's not too dark and it creates some contrast, so the interior doesn't look dim. Looking for tips on how to choose the right floor tiles for your interior? You can read this article: How to Choose Floor Tiles: Color, Types of Floor Tiles, Texture, and Patterns. If you plan your restroom or Bathroom renovation - here are tips that we wrote for you: 9 Bathroom Makeover Tips to For Design Amateurs.
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