Dental clinic reception design

Dental clinic reception design-01

This small yet modern dental clinic reception was created to be comfortable both for adults and children. As the client likes natural colors and materials, we decided to use wooden decor, natural color palette, and green accents. When being an interior design course student, picking the right color palette and combining colors was a real challenge for me. But besides the color combining rules like using a triangle/rectangle over the spectrum, I found an easier way to do that. Here you can read about my way of combining colors using 50-30-10-10 rule The main thing I understood during the years of my practical work is that it's a lot easier to combine the colors if you don't use too many of them. Usually, 3-4 colors are enough to make the interior look interesting but not too overwhelming. Base or background color shouldn't be too dark or too bright, otherwise, it can ruin the harmony of the interior.
Dental clinic reception design-02 In this project, we tried different combinations of colors, but white walls work best here as other details of the interiors like planks on the wall and furniture pieces look good on the blank background and drag enough attention to themselves. When we tried to make the walls darker, we only got too many accents and too heavy look. As the reception area is used for waiting as well, it's supposed to be relaxing, not alerting, or overwhelming. In our case, the natural color palette with the green accents works best among all the options we tried. It looks fresh and clean yet stylish.
To make the interior look interesting, we also applied different textures to the walls like gesso bricks and panels, glossy tiles, and matte walls. Different kinds of textures, even if they are painted in the same colors always enrich the look.