Dental clinic lounge area

Dental clinic lounge area-01

This lounge area and reception were created for a dental clinic that will serve kids and adults. That's why we created a playground and used a blackboard that kids will like and use to paint and play. The client likes simple style and natural colors and materials. Also, the space was a bit dark, that's why we decided to make the walls white and use other colors only for details.

The gray floor became a good background for a few color accents in the room. The challenging part of this clinic design was to combine the colors and details of the interior in a way space doesn't look too colorful, or too monochromatic, blank, and empty.

Sometimes it looks like the interior design is simple - just a few clicks and you have a beautiful room. But the reality is different. In our working process to get the perfect result we have to come up with a few options of the same area, combinations of colors, and decorative details. Even the most creative imagination can't predict all the details before you see them on the first raw 3d renders. That's where the work on perfection starts - you tweak and adjust, go back and forth before you get a perfect result. In our work we don't just do what the client wants so he likes it, we do the work, so not only the client like it, we don't finish until we like it as well.
Dental clinic lounge area-02 As one of our challenges was to make this space feel comfortable and avoid the feeling of the empty white hospital. In this case, we used textured gypsum panels to add details to the walls, some green accents - moss and a chair in the sitting area, beige furniture parts, and shelves behind the sofa. They add coziness and warmth to the overall look of the room.

In general, you can't exaggerate the importance of interior beauty and good vibes. Why? Because the environment is always influencing. We perceive the majority of the information by our eyes and even if we'd like to separate ourselves from the environment, that's almost impossible. If we create the space that inspires, brings comfort and joy to our soul, we feel better, happier, calmer, more confident. If you're still undecided if you need an interior designer to create a project or your space, read How 10% Of a Home Remodel Budget Can Make Your Premises More Valuable. If you need any help or advice on interior design and 3D rendering - contact us and we'll be glad to help.