Craft bakery interior design

Craft bakery interior design-01

This interior design was created for the bakery founders that wanted it to be cozy, welcoming, and simple. The clients wanted to use wooden planks and a simple color palette - white, black, and green as an accent. When working on this project, we started from space planning to place all the needed appliances and furniture that was required for manufacturing and sales. Only after we placed all the items in the right order, we started working on the style of the furniture and wall decor. A few niches in the room allowed us to place the lounge area, bar table, and greenery inside and have enough space for moving around. The accent green wall was covered with planks. This makes the color accent not so obvious.
For lighting, we used a few different types of light fixtures - track lights with spots, pendant lights with shades, LED lights attached to the ceiling, and light bulbs hanging from the ceiling. Spotlights' purpose is to light the pastry and the working area around the counter, and the bar tables as well; pendants create more recessed light and an interesting look above the counter. Light bulbs create a cozy mood in the lounge area and the LED lights are used to light the kitchen and storage area.
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