Contemporary open-planned living room

Contemporary open-planned living room-01

This contemporary living room was created for a young family that lives in Warsaw, Poland. It was supposed to be a completely open space, but the clients wanted to separate the room with a partition to reach more coziness in the living room area. A warm light color palette was chosen to make space airy and light. A big advantage of the room was a few windows that made not a too large room filled with the sunlight.
When designing the living rooms it's always important to take into account the clients' needs and lifestyle. Meaning that if the family hosts parties or has a lot of friends that come often, it's important to provide enough space for spending time together. If the family is very active and the spouses don't spend much time in front of the TV, space can be used to place a fireplace instead of a flat-screen. The client's needs and taste are always the most important when designing any interior. Of course, clients think that style is even more important, but if their needs aren't covered, they most likely won't be satisfied with the stylish interior, that doesn't cover the functions they need. If you plan to redesign your room and don't know what functions you need to be covered in your rooms, check out our article about Interior Design Questions You Need to Answer Before Space Planning Your Apartment.
When saving the budget is the most important when renovating your home or apartment, we still recommend to consider professional interior design help. You may be surprised because most people think that interior design services are expensive and it's not that difficult to design or redesign the interior by yourself. But designers can help you avoid the unforeseen expenses that would use a big part of your budget. Learn more on this topic here.
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