Contemporary kitchen design

Contemporary kitchen design-01

This contemporary kitchen was created for a couple that is fortunate to live in a heart of the Swiss Alps. The house was renovated from the inside completely, but the outside remains the same as it was more than 100 years ago. As the house is wooden, we already had this warm wooden background - walls, floor, and ceiling and the goal was to make the interior cozy and refresh it with some other colors.
As the view out of the window is just stunning, we decided to place the kitchen furniture along the back wall and make an island in front of the back wall. This allowed us to separate the room into 2 areas - dining and kitchen.
Contemporary kitchen design-02 We also decided to use different types of lighting in those areas - built-in lights above the kitchen area and a chandelier above the dining table. This gave us the opportunity to make the lighting of the kitchen area more technical and the lighting of the dining area more cozy and welcoming.
Of course, every kitchen design starts with space planning and ergonomic standards. Before planning the interior layout it also recommended deciding on the kitchen appliances and furniture that you'll need and then to measure carefully the future kitchen, draw it with any online tool or on paper. If you plan to design a kitchen, it's important to take into account the HVAC system, and plumbing. So you should measure and mark the location of pipes and vent ducts onto your kitchen plan. It's not recommended to place the hood too far from the ventilation ducts or to place the sink too far from the plumbing as this decreases the functions of the plumbing and HVAC system. Taking that into an account you can start placing the kitchen appliances and furniture you need. If you need any help in your kitchen space planning and design, feel free to contact us here.