Contemporary kitchen design

Contemporary kitchen design-01

In the modern world overloaded with tons of information, it's difficult to sell the apartments without pretty pictures. Especially if you only have CAD drawings and no pictures to show to your potential customers. In this case, architectural visualization can help you solve this problem. It's developing and becoming so realistic that people hardly see the difference between the 3d rendering and photos of the real premises.
To attract the attention of potential clients or investors the pictures of the interiors should not only show the rooms but create the mood that would make people want to live in there. At Kucheriavi studio we know that pretty pictures and photo-realistic renders are crucial in attracting people's attention. That's why we not only create realistic 3d renders but create interior design concepts if you have an empty room and some ideas about how it should look. This combination is ideal for selling the premises you have.
Contemporary kitchen design-02 We created this kitchen concept design and 3d visualization for the 8-story residential building project that included only CAD drawings and no sketches or renders of the interiors. With the help of these 3d visualizations, we wanted to make the potential clients feel how comfortable, elegant and warm their future apartment will look and feel. Sometimes we see 2 interesting points of view to showcase the interior, that's why on the first stage of the render we created 2 points of view. The client chose one of them and we proceeded to the next stages of the design and 3d rendering.
Contemporary kitchen design-03 It's always important to have references of the interiors that clients like. Based on them we recreate the right mood by adding the details and creating lighting. The clients wanted this room to look simple, modern and comfortable. In this case, we used natural color palette - oak wood, gray floor and white walls with the addition of the marble backsplash. To create a warm and comfortable mood that feels, like you're already living there. we made soft warm morning light and added some cookies and jars onto the table. We had only 3 revisions as the client was clear in his requirements and we got the idea of the interiors he liked easily.