Contemporary bedroom design

Contemporary bedroom design-01

This bedroom was created for a young couple that loves stylish contemporary design, natural color palette and materials. They wanted the bedroom to feel relaxing, cozy and sleek. In this case we decided to use plywood panels as the wall accent, pastele color palette that includes a few shades of beige, gray and black accents. Simple furniture design, straight lines and 2 windows make the space feel large even though the bedroom isn't big itself. If you plan to remodel your bedroom, you can read about 10 Bedroom Design Tips that we described in our blog.
The wireframe table lamps with black shades create accents and don't look too heavy. We decided to combine built-in track lights with the hidden LED strips to have a few layers of lighting and to enrich the look. While the bedside lamps are used for reading or other activities on the bed, LED strips add accents and track lights light the important areas on the both sides of the bed. You can read mode about the layered lighting in our blog article 5 Interior Design Rules.
Contemporary bedroom design-02 Even though the design looks like choosing a beautiful color palette and stylish furniture, we always begin from the space planning, as it's a crucial stage of interior design. It's a lot easier and cheaper to plan the layout first than purchase the furniture that's too big or too small and can't be combined. Space planning is so important because it's based on the ergonomic standards and makes the room comfortable to use and move around. You can read more about it here.
But even though space planning solves a lot of problems before you choose the furniture and other details for your interior, 3D rendering also became a significant part of the design because it allows you to see the designed room long before it will be realized and you can make all the needed updates and changes to it.
If you're still undecided about the designer you want, read 5 Tips On How To Hire An Interior Designer and download our free brochure on the main page with more detailed information about the interior designers and how to choose the right one for you. The credits for the design and 3d rendering goes to Nadiia Dema