Contemporary Bedroom design

Contemporary Bedroom design-01

How can we help you sell the apartments that aren't built yet? We can create a design concept that will show how beautiful the apartment can be! The eye-catching picture gets a lot more attention than thousands of words, so you will be selling not only the area of the apartment but the impression of living in it.
In this case, we made the contemporary bedroom design. The client wanted it to be simple, elegant and airy. That's why we used pastel color palette and daylight to present it on a 3d rendering. To create this bedroom design we used one reference picture and a floor plan . If you send us a reference photo we always try to guess what appeals to you most and recreate the mood of the reference as much as we can.
Contemporary Bedroom design-02 We not only tried to recreate the mood of the reference, but we also decided to offer a different lighting scheme - morning light. In our opinion, it creates a warmer mood in the room. But the client liked the daylight more.
Contemporary Bedroom design-03 Based on a reference we chose simple traditional Queen size bed and contemporary table lamps. If you need any help with creating a design concept for selling purposes, give us any initial information and requirements you have and we'll do our best to help your clients imagine the apartment of their dreams!