Contemporary bathroom design

Contemporary bathroom design-01

This bathroom design was created for a young family that wanted it to be very practical and stylish. As the variety of the ceramic tiles is so huge right now and gives a huge choice of textures, color palettes, and styles, it's both easy and difficult to design the bathroom at the same time. Read our tips on choosing the right floor tiles for your interior. The clients liked wooden elements and their whole apartment was designed using different types and shades of wood. That's why we used the collection of the ceramic tiles that included the imitation of wooden planks and hexagons that the clients liked a lot as well. The warm beige and brown color palette of the ceramic tiles adds coziness and warmth to the room and doesn't create a feeling of cold ceramic material. We decided to make the planks an accent in the shower.
Contemporary bathroom design-02 If you struggle to match different colors in your bathroom, read our article about Choosing the Right Color Palette for Interior Design. It's a bit tricky to match different colors when you don't use any design rules. The easiest way is to find the color palette you like and apply a few rules to it while applying it to the interior you have.
If you already applied the 50-30-10-10 rule to your interior design but still have doubts if the room will look good, 3D visualization or creating a mood board can help you a lot as even the most experienced designers' imagination can't build a complete image of the room having only the samples of the colors and a floor plan. You can try using online applications or simple software to create both 2d mood boards or 3d renders of your interior. But if you need any professional assistance in interior design or 3D rendering - contact us and we'll be glad to help!