Classical wedding hall design

Classical wedding hall design-01

When you have a large interior and you want it to be timeless, classical design style is the right solution. There are so many classical design interiors that look stunning through the centuries and don't lose their charm for visitors. It this case we worked with the architectural monument of the 19th century that was built as a school for boys. During the 20th century, it became a military base and after that a private property. The owners wanted it to be renovated closer to the original design. The interior we designed is to be a wedding hall but when it was built, there was a dining room for students. The design was much simpler, but the floor and ceiling are original - preserved since the building was built.
Classical wedding hall design-02 We decided to add classical elements of decoration - pilasters, wide and narrow cornices under the ceiling, and around the arches and lots of gypsum stucco moldings. Of course, it was very important to make all the elements in the right proportions and scale so the decorative elements, pilasters especially, don't look too big or too small. The niches with the mirrors were originally smaller and we decided to make them bigger to reflect more light and give more visual space in the room, especially because they are located in the darkest part of the interior.
Classical wedding hall design-03 It was decided to use a very light color palette for the walls to make the space feel airy and light. This color palette will allow the wedding decorators to use a big variety of decorations that will fit into space perfectly. In our opinion, this architectural monument will be in better use when it serves as a wedding hall, restaurant, hotel, and resort than a military base. The beauty of the architectural monuments shouldn't be hidden from people. If you have a space that you want to be designed in a classical style, contact us and we'll help you to do that!