Why DIY Rendered Images Will Cost You More Than Outsourcing

People love doing things themselves when they can. They believe it saves money and gives better control over the work process. Sometimes, the decision to do a few things on your own pays off, but it’s not the case with rendering projects.

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People love doing things themselves when they can. They believe it saves money and gives better control over the work process. Sometimes, the decision to do a few things on your own pays off, but it’s not the case with rendering projects.

Rendering is an essential part of interior design and architectural projects that considerably affects the final quality. You can create a sophisticated design with sleek details that ultimately will look cheap because of poorly rendered images. The cost of such a mistake will exceed the outsourced rendering cost by many times. It may also ruin your business reputation and make you lose customers.

That’s why professionally rendered images are more cost-effective than DIY 3D models. Besides, 3D artists can offer some additional cost-saving strategies. Learn more about it in this post.

What Do I Pay For When I Order Professionally Rendered Images

Design concept creation and visualization are two separate services. Whereas interior designers create concepts to put ideas together, 3D models show how the future design will look. These are realistic images with all the details, materials, and textures. Rendering requires a different set of skills and knowledge than design creation. Therefore, most interior designers cannot do it.

That’s why paying for 3D models, you pay for experience and unique expertise. 3D artists are proficient in specialized software, know the technical characteristics of different materials, light, and surfaces. They also know how to highlight the benefits of the project through visualizations and do it fast. Visualizers hold responsibility for the quality of the final 3D models, which DIY modeling cannot guarantee. If you fail with DIY 3D models at the last minute, no one will help you.

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4 Reasons Why Professionally Rendered Images Reduce Rendering Cost

Apart from the listed benefits of rendered images, there are a few more cost-cutting advantages. They are subtle but have a significant impact on the project cost.

1. It Allows Focusing on More Critical Tasks

One person cannot be an expert in everything. Designers should create interior designs and do the creative part when visualizers do 3D models. The distribution of work and tasks increases efficiency. Designers don’t have to figure out how to use CAD software and waste time creating low-quality visualizations they will need to remake. They can focus on communicating with customers and designs, while third-party experts do technical visualization tasks.

2. You Don’t Need In-House Renderers and Expensive Software

Let’s say you run a small architectural bureau. If you don’t outsource visualizations to a third-party vendor, you will need to hire in-house specialists, which is expensive. The recruitment process takes additional money. Besides, you may not have enough projects to cover the cost of keeping in-house rendering specialists. Hence, delegating projects to an external team is more cost-effective. You only pay for the services provided and have cost estimates from the start.

3. Outsourced Rendering Projects Save Time

When the deadline is tight, it’s better to hire professionals than experiment with DIY 3D models. It will allow you to submit the project within the agreed time and avoid being late. This way, outsourcing reduces the risk of missed deadlines and resulting financial losses.

4. You Get a Reliable Partner Who Knows How to Make it Cheaper

By finding a reliable 3D rendering agency, you get a partner who helps you cut expenses and provides valuable advice. Experienced visualizers know many ways to make a project cheaper, balancing its quality and cost. Without profound specialized expertise, you won’t be able to optimize the rendering process.

Additional Strategies 3D Artists Use To Cut the Rendering Cost

When you cooperate with experienced 3D artists, you can ask them how to cut rendering project costs. Some techniques allow doing it faster without sacrificing quality. The key idea is to simplify an image but keep it realistic. Here are the most popular tricks 3D artists use:

  • Outline the project requirements beforehand to avoid unnecessary work.
  • Decide what resolution, format, camera angles you want for final images. It helps to create a cost-saving visualization strategy since things like fabrics or close-ups, for example, require extra work.
  • Consider ready-made free 3D models for visualizations to save time and money.
  • Follow the 90% rule stating that modeling programs cannot create fully realistic images. At some point, the time you put into increasing the quality and adding more details becomes futile. It’s not about the skills. It’s about the maximum tech capabilities of existing software. Hence, an optimum approach is to strive for 90% real-world photorealism and avoid wasting time on endless edits.
    If you want to cut rendering project costs, discuss these approaches with your provider. Some of them may not be relevant in your case, whereas others may become a great choice. The 3D visualizations provider will recommend the best project-specific options.

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    Final Thoughts

    The decision to create visualizations on your own is unlikely to save you money. Modeling requires specific knowledge, technical skills, and rendering software expertise. Therefore, it’s better to outsource it to a third-party agency with affordable rates that can offer some cost-optimization techniques.

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