Product Rendering: 4 Reasons You Need It For Your Product Marketing

What is a 3D product rendering? Why 3D visualizations are more cost-effective than photos. 4 reasons to use product models in your product marketing campaign

Product Rendering: 4 Reasons You Need It For Your Product Marketing-01

Regardless of who you are, a marketing company, a manufacturer, or an online store, you may need to use product rendering services. Visualization is a magic wand for most businesses. Especially, when it comes to marketing large and bulky goods, such as furniture. 3D product models are the easiest way to present your assortment on a website or in a catalog. In some cases, 3D product visualization is the only suitable option to showcase your product design. Why? Suppose you are a sofa manufacturer. You have 50 different product models available in dozens of materials and colors. How much time will you need to get quality photos of all the possible designs? That’s right, a lot. Especially if to take into account that you probably don't have all of them in stock. Moreover, to take so many pictures of goods, you will need to build a photo studio at your premises. Besides, after the shooting, all the pictures must be photoshopped. The worst part is that you’ll have to do this over and over, every time new product models appear.

Fortunately, product rendering services solve this problem. When you hire 3D visualization professionals, you just need to provide specific input information, and they will take care of everything else. The specialists create 3D models that can be easily customized and modified with visualization software. Therefore, if you decide to offer new materials or colors, there will be no necessity to manufacture an item to showcase it. 3D product rendering service will do this for you. In addition to the obvious practical benefits, 3D modeling is highly important for product marketing and sales. Continue reading to find out why.

What Is 3D Product Rendering?

Product rendering is the visualization of an item to create realistic pictures that present it from different angles. Such visualizations are mainly used in product marketing and design. The visualization process requires specific knowledge and software that processes the input data to generate 3D models. This is a separate type of professional visualization services. Visualizations are based on exact dimensions, textures, and photos (if available). To learn more about the visualization process, check out the article on product marketing with design concepts.

3D Product Rendering Software

  • 3d's Max
  • Maxwell Render
  • Keyshot
  • Cinema 4D
  • Redshift

    Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list of visualization tools. We, at Kucheriavi Studio, complete the majority of our projects with 3d's Max, which has proven to generate quality and accurate renders.

4 Reasons You Need Product Rendering For Product Marketing

The current market competition makes every manufacturer and retailer enter a never-ending race for success. There are so many brick and mortar stores and online resources, that it’s very hard to stand out from the crowd. The good news is that product rendering can present your goods in a more appealing way and improve customer experience. Here’s how it powers your marketing:

Advanced Personalization.The use of rendering software allows creating as many design variations as possible. Thanks to this, potential customers can see how a specific color and material combination will look in reality. Photos cannot provide the same personalized experience as 3D modeling. Note that all leading marketers insist that personalization is crucial for product marketing. Besides, 80% of customers prefer brands that offer a personalized experience and 71% of customers feel frustrated with insufficient personalization.

Appealing Product Renderings. The first impression is critical. Rendering professionals know how to create images that show your assortment from the best angles and highlight the beauty of every item. Moreover, you can order design concepts to present an item in a certain context and show how it can be used in an interior. Such realistic images will boost your product marketing and convince customers to place an order.

Easy Customization of Product Models. Visualizations offer much broader capabilities than photos. Want to add people to an image, change a background, or modify dimensions? Easy peasy. Besides, product rendering software supports virtual tours and panoramic renders. Such visualizations are highly effective to promote hotels, restaurants, resorts, and similar locations.

Better Product Marketing Budget Distribution.If you decide to build a photo studio to take photos of goods at your premises, note that it’s a costly affair. You will also need to hire people that will organize shooting and invest in photoshopping. Therefore, professional rendering services are more cost-effective. You will be able to spend the saved money on other marketing needs. Apart from that, you will get a chance to concentrate on product marketing and fully transfer visualization of product models to professionals.

Want to boost your product marketing with 3D models? Contact Kucheriavi Studio to get help with rendering.