How to Sell Furniture And Room Decor? Use 3D Rendering!

Instead of taking massive furniture, room decor, or hundreds of accessories to a studio spending a fortune on transportation and photographers, you can order visualization. Continue reading to learn how to sell furniture using this method.

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There is a secret method that can help you to sell furniture, home decor, or any other items more quickly. It showcases the best characteristics of an object and encourages people to make a purchase. It makes products more expensive-looking and stylish. Well, no more hints. It’s 3D rendering. This technology is used by many top online stores that have already realized that professionally visualized 3D models are much more effective than unclear images. Sometimes consumers make decisions in a few seconds, and visual representation is absolutely vital to convince them.

In case you still doubt how to sell furniture, here is another point to consider. 3D rendering can significantly save your time and money. How? Instead of taking massive furniture, room decor, or hundreds of accessories to a studio spending a fortune on transportation and photographers, you can order visualization. Continue reading to learn how to sell furniture using this method.

Who needs rendering?

There is no best place to sell furniture. Yet, usually, visualization is ordered by furniture stores or home decor stores that need to present their assortment in online stores or catalogs. This technology allows them to show products in different colors, materials and from different angles on a white background. The white color highlights the characteristics and advantages of furniture. In addition, 3D models help preserve the uniformity of all items making the catalog more professional and appealing. People are not only eager to get your product but are also ready to pay more for a high-quality looking item.

Nevertheless, rendering also works for those who need to sell or present some unique items. A nice picture attracts the attention of the audience and encourages them to complete a target action. Want to Sell Furniture using Renders? Here is How to Start

STEP 1. Find a reliable visualization agency

Once you realize how to sell furniture using visualization, you will definitely want to benefit from this option. At this stage, it’s necessary to find an agency that has the necessary expertise. Check out several cases to find the one you like.

STEP 2. Provide them with the necessary information

As usual, at the beginning of the rendering process, the visualization agency will need all existing information about an item. To sell furniture or home decor effectively, the final model must be as close to reality as possible. Make sure to share the following details:

  • Detailed drawings with exact dimensions
  • Numerous detailed photos (if this item already exists)

Note that photos often distort the form since the perspective hides a part of details and shortens the object. Make sure to provide as much additional information as possible

  • High-resolution photos of the textures of materials (e.g. if you use rare wood that is difficult to reproduce on renders)

TIPS. If you use artificial stone that sparkles with multiple colors, it’s better to shoot a video. The video will showcase this stone from different perspectives and with different lighting to feature its unique sparkling.

In case you cannot provide all the necessary details because the object hasn’t been produced yet, the agency can rely on some ergonomic industry standards. They allow to preserve the proportions but cannot help to recreate a 100% match.

It is also possible to process design sketches when designers contact the agency without a developed project and exact specifications. In this case, the results will greatly depend on the possibility to imagine the look of the object based on the sketch.

STEP 3. Cooperate with the agency during the rendering process

In the course of the rendering process, you will receive two models, white and colorful. The white model shows the dimensions of the object, its form, and proportions. Once you approve the white model, the agency will supplement it with textures, colors, and materials to create the final look. The two initial models are provided in low resolution for your evaluation. After you accept everything, the agency generates the final high-resolution model – the colored object on a white background.

Together with the 3D model of the object, you can also order a design concept to show how this item would look in an interior. Such solutions help sell furniture more effectively and offer your potential customers a more comprehensive picture of the product.

Go to this article, to learn more about the key stages of 3D rendering and the use of design concepts to showcase furniture.

STEP 4. Use your 3D models

At this stage, you already have your visualizations to add them to your website or catalog. Start a new powerful marketing campaign to increase your income and sell furniture or home decor. You may be sure that nice 3D renders will attract a lot of customer interest to your products and help you close a deal.

We, at Kucheriavi Studio, have completed numerous rendering projects that have proven their effectiveness. Don’t hesitate to contact us should you need any rendering assistance.