How to Outsource 3D Rendering to the Right Specialists Saving Time and Money

To find reliable and cost-effective 3D architectural rendering services, profound research is a must. Learn eight steps to pick the right outsource 3D artists

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Architects and interior designers work under strict deadlines and often lack time to properly present a project. After they come up with great ideas, do the planning, and decide on details, they fail to create quality visualizations. The thing is, architectural 3D renders require specialized software and considerable experience.

Poor images don’t reflect the true benefits of an architectural project and may even nudge customers into choosing another bureau. Such a tiny detail has a powerful impact in the end. That's why to get quality images, most architects and designers outsource 3D rendering.

If you have never done architectural rendering outsourcing, you probably don’t know what to take into account to avoid wasting your budget. We are ready to guide you. Follow these steps to pick the right 3d architectural rendering services.

Eight Steps to Outsource 3D Architectural Rendering Services

The choice of outsource 3D artists is an important phase in any architectural or design project. You will have to find the perfect balance between price and quality to make your visualizations truly impressive.

1. Understand Your Needs Before Render Outsource

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There are different styles and types of renderings. You may need to fit a 3D model into a photo, model an entire area, create a photorealistic visualization from scratch, do a panoramic 360 view, etc. Hence, it’s important to research available options to figure out what visualization services you are looking for.

At this point, you should also prepare the specifications of your project, plans, sizes, materials, textures, and other details required by an architectural rendering outsourcing agency.

2. Know Your Outsource 3D Rendering Budget and Deadlines

The size of the project and the number of architectural 3D renders will directly affect the cost. That’s why you need to decide how many images you want to have. You must also specify the deadlines. Sometimes, architects underestimate the time necessary to create quality visualizations and want to get complex models in one or two days. The right estimation at the start of the visualization projects should help you manage expectations and find the right outsource 3D artists. Never trust someone who promises great results within an unrealistic time frame.
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3. Do Online Research to Pick Several 3D Architectural Rendering Services

That’s an obvious part. To select the most suitable 3D architectural rendering services, you should compare several options. Browse the portfolios of outsourcing 3D rendering agencies you like to narrow down the choice. You can create an Excel table of all the checked agencies to write down their pros and cons. This will simplify the final choice and give you a clear picture of the market offer.

4. Ask for a Price Quote and Brief

Visualization agencies don’t post the pricing on their websites. It’s just impossible since every project is unique and budgets vary. That’s why to know the offer of the selected agencies, you will need to contact them directly. Send them an email or fill a website form providing your project details. Give enough information to allow agencies to make accurate pricing estimates.
You will need to share at least the plans of the building, the number of images, and examples of visualizations you like.

5. Select Several Render Outsource Options and Interview Them

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At this point, you will have 2-3 favorites. To evaluate the qualifications of the outsource 3D artists, we recommend interviewing them. Arrange a call with each of the shortlisted agencies or specialists to talk with them directly. Ask about their work approach, qualifications, relevant experience, project deliverables, and deadlines.

Even a short talk will allow you to understand whom you like most. It’s also an opportunity to see the communications skills of the outsource 3D artists and make sure you are on the same page.

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6. Analyze the Collected Information and Do Your Choice

Now, you are ready to start the cooperation with an agency. If you have created an Excel table with all the options, it should be easy to compare them. Pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Portfolio with the completed projects
  • Offered price
  • Experience of the outsource 3D artists
  • Interest in your project and communication skills
  • Transparent visualization process
  • Project deliverables
  • Deadlines
    These factors have a considerable impact on the result. Even though it takes some effort to collect and filter this information, in the long run, the research will save you time and money.

    7. Discuss the Terms of Cooperation and NDA

    This step is highly important. Be sure to set the rules before you start the cooperation. You will need to sign an agreement, talk about the terms of terminating the cooperation, responsibilities, and other nuances. These measures are necessary to make architectural rendering outsourcing more transparent and secure yourself from possible problems. If the render outsource agency doesn’t deliver the work or the quality is poor, you will have a money-back guarantee.

    8. Ask for Intermediate Results Throughout the Project

    To monitor the progress of the architectural rendering outsourcing projects, request deliverables at different stages. It’s a normal part of any quality visualization project. Deliverables allow architects to see what’s happening with their projects and be sure the visualizations will be finished on time. On the other hand, the rendering agency gets a chance to consult with the customer about critical details in the course of work. It’s a win-win case.

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