Elevation Rendering and the Role of Interior Elevations in 3D Renders

What is an Interior Elevation? Use cases of interior elevations: visualization outsourcing for large projects, guidance for workers, and building a custom home

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In 3D rendering, plans are much more critical than you may think. Architectural drawing helps to transfer the right dimensions of objects and make sure the final 3D model meets your expectations. When you manage an interior design project and want to delegate the 3D rendering to a visualization studio, they will request interior elevations. When you hire a contractor for redesign works, they will ask you to draw interior elevations. And certainly, if a non-architect dares to start building a custom home without the professional help, detailed drawings will save them from a disaster.

That’s why today's article is dedicated to the main cases when rendering elevation plans are necessary. Read on to learn about:

  • Elevation rendering in 3D visualization outsourcing
  • Interior elevations for design and construction
  • Rendering elevations for building a custom home

    What is an Interior Elevation?

    Before diving into the uses of elevation rendering, let’s make it clear what we talk about.

    An interior elevation is an architectural drawing of orthographic projections of walls. They show the dimensions that are impossible to reflect on a simple plan (e.g., the height of the ceiling, windows, door openings, decor, or other elements located on the wall). Such drawings are created when a project is already designed and approved. Elevation rendering is the use of exterior or interior elevations to create a CAD multidimensional model of the future object.

    Interior Design Elevations in Elevation Rendering Outsourcing

    Architectural drawings are a logical phase in any commercial or public project. They help to depict developers' ideas and give constructors a clear understanding of the final look of the building. Moreover, elevations are necessary to generate 3D renders that can be later used to present or market the project. For example, if you build a new restaurant, restaurant visualizations can help you attract investors and engage first customers.

    Those who work in architectural studios, know that large-scale projects comprise numerous stages and processes. At the same time, they are usually limited by strict deadlines and take place in a highly competitive atmosphere. Therefore, most architects and designers delegate 3D rendering to a 3D visualization studio. They entrust visualization to CAD professionals who know how to generate top-quality 3D models. This helps to optimize the duration of the project and receive truly professional-looking visualizations. Again, 3D models cannot be created without elevations (Learn more about why 3D Visualization is a Separate Service From Design here.

    Interior Elevations for Design and Construction

    Although wall plans are critical for elevation rendering and 3D visualizations in general, they also have a very practical use. As a designer or homeowner, you will need to provide an interior elevations sheet to workers. Together with other architectural drawings, they are necessary to properly locate all construction details and decor. They also allow you to better control the design process and make any timely corrections if necessary. Besides, if you want to provide workers with 3D renders, interior elevations are required to generate them.

    Rendering Elevations for Building a Custom Home

    Some people are brave enough to build their homes from scratch without the help of professional architects and designers. We appreciate their aspirations but want to stress that elevations are equally critical in all cases. Moreover, non-professionals are likely to face the pitfalls experienced home builders are well aware of. Thus, architectural drawings will help them to visualize a project and improve it. Besides, with clear drawings and design concepts, homeowners can use visualization services to generate an identical 3D model of their premises. This will allow them to realize the project and make it more valuable in the real estate market.
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    How Can our Studio Help You With Rendering Elevations?

    Kucherievi studio provides a full range of visualization services. Contact us and share your drawings to generate a quality 3D interior model. We also create design concepts, product visualizations, furniture models, and more.