After You Find an Interior Designer and Renderer: 5 Communication Tips to Use

After You Find an Interior Designer and Renderer: 5 Communication Tips to Use-01

Even though 3D artists and interior designers are the ones responsible for the result, customers’ contribution also matters. Once you find an interior designer and renderer, it’s important to provide them with all the necessary information. You should always stay in touch and answer different project-related questions.

Quality interior design communication allows you to avoid unexpected problems caused by misunderstandings. You smoothly go step by step to achieve the desired result within the planned deadline.
Since our studio has completed multiple rendering and interior design projects for our customers, we know what matters. Learn tips on how to communicate effectively with 3D artists and designers in this blog post.

3D Artist vs. Interior Designer: Who Do You Need?

Let’s differentiate interior designers and 3D artists first. Although both specialists create interiors based on customers’ ideas, they deal with different aspects and stages. Interior designers communicate with customers to understand what design styles they like and create a similar concept. They do space planning, draw sketches, select the furniture, decide on proportions, colors, and materials. When the design concept is ready, 3D artists join the stage. As interior designers usually cannot create professional 3D visualizations, they need to outsource rendering.

3D artists have the skills interior designers don’t have. They are proficient in 3D rendering software and know the technical characteristics of materials and textures. Using detailed information about the designed interior, they can create its exact copy. Rendering specialists are hired by interior designers or business owners that need visualizations. For example, product 3D models, restaurant 3D tours, pubs, public spaces are the common uses. Computer-generated images look better than photos and, besides, can show something that doesn’t exist yet.

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5 Tips on How to Communicate Effectively With Designers and 3D Artists

Communication with interior designers and renderers has a lot in common. That’s why these tips on how to communicate effectively are universal. Follow them once you find an interior designer to put your ideas into life.

Interior Design Communication Tip #1. Make Up Your Mind and Prepare

Looking for an interior designer, you should already understand your preferences. It will help you find an interior designer who works in desired styles and ask them to create something similar. We recommend browsing Pinterest for ideas. This website offers a bunch of modern and classic designs to suit any taste. Save these images to use as a reference. Besides, you should know how the room will be used. It’s good to tell the designers what functionality you expect, how many people will live there, their routine, etc.

When it comes to hiring 3D artists, you need more than an idea. Since renderers work at the later stages of projects, they require specific information. Be ready to share the design concept, the room plan, the list of furniture with specifications, the details about decor, textures, lighting, materials, and colors. It allows creating realistic images.

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Interior Design Communication Tip #2. Know Your Budget

If you have a limited budget, make it clear from the start. The designer will advise you on how to balance the price and quality. They can substitute materials or furniture with cheaper alternatives to optimize the expenses. Besides, the rates of interior designs vary. You can hire a beginner or outsource design to remote professionals with more affordable pricing.

The price of rendering depends on the complexity and number of visualizations. You will pay more for ten images showcasing all the corners than for the standard two or three images with fewer details. Mind that commercial rendering is usually more expensive than regular projects.

Interior Design Communication Tip #3. Choose the Preferred Channel

Nowadays, there are many ways to stay in touch (phone calls, Whatsapp, Viber, email, social media, etc.). Therefore, once you find an interior designer or renderer, agree on a rendering communication channel. It will ensure you get all the messages on time and track the communications. Smooth communication prevents bottlenecks and improves the final result.

Interior Design Communication Tip #4. Remain Open to Questions

After you provide the initial information, questions will continue to arise. Designers and renderers might need to clarify something or request your opinion. It’s a normal part of the cooperation you should be ready for. Continuous communication throughout the project is essential to meet your expectations. It doesn’t slow down the process. Actually, it helps to save the time you would waste fixing mistakes.

Imagine a renderer needs information about the lighting, but you don’t respond to their requests for a week. Because of that, they cannot keep working. Hence, it will take longer to submit the project.

Interior Design Communication Tip #5. Ask for Summaries

If you want to control the process, ask the hired specialists for reporting. They can send you a message and some deliverables every several days or weekly, depending on the scope of the project. It will organize the work and make you aware of the progress. Interior designers and renderers with substantial experience can offer a roadmap of future work since they know how much time each stage takes.

Final Thoughts

These tips on how to communicate effectively with interior designers and 3D artists will make the cooperation smoother. Besides, experienced professionals will additionally guide you through the process and explain what involvement they need.

We at Kuchrievi studio provide both rendering and design services. Our team regularly shares deliverables and stays in touch with customers to follow their guidelines.

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