9 Bathroom Makeover Tips to For Design Amateurs

Standing on the verge of a flat renovation? To save space, fit everything in a small bathroom, pick the right tile, and make other necessary steps, you may need some professional tips.

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Standing on the verge of a flat renovation? Congratulations and condolences! Although changing something in your interior design is always a pleasant occupation, bathroom remodels take a lot of effort. To save space, fit everything in a small bathroom, pick the right tile, and make other necessary steps, you may need some professional tips. We’ve collected recommendations on how to remodel a bathroom based on our experience and bathroom makeover projects. Here they are:

Tip on bathroom makeovers #1. Understand what you hate most

Most probably, your current interior design has something that drives you crazy. Are you tired of having a shower because you’ve always dreamt of a tub? Or maybe the previous homeowner installed red floor tiles and now you want to get rid of them? The thing is that a bathroom makeover doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to change everything. To save money, you may replace some elements and refresh the overall look. To determine which details to focus on, you should know what irritates you.

Tip on bathroom makeovers #2. Start with space planning

Use this set of questions to space plan your apartment, including the bathroom layout. For example, you have to clarify what appliances you need (toilet/bidet/urinal/bath/shower booth), who is going to use the room, etc. Space planning helps to make sure you’ll create a functional design that has everything necessary for your comfort. If you have used this room before, you likely already have some bathroom remodel ideas and know-how to make it more convenient. Now take a piece of paper, draw the plan of the space with all the dimensions, and locate every significant object on it.

Tip on bathroom makeovers #3. Use visualizations

The simplest way to visualize an interior is to create a mood board or use your Pinterest account. Today, there are so many bathroom makeover options, that you can easily get lost. To avoid this, save everything you like while preparing for home renovation. Alternatively, you can draw your bathroom remodel ideas on a piece of paper or use more complex visualization software. But note that professional renderings take a lot of time and effort, so usually, they are created only by qualified 3D visualization experts.

Tip on bathroom makeovers #4. Consider installing a hidden-tank toilet

If you lack space or want the room to look neater, mount the tank of a toilet into the wall. Although hidden cistern toilets are more pricey than usual ones, it’s a great investment and interior design solution. Such toilets suit modern and contemporary decors particularly well and increase the value of your premises.

Tip on bathroom makeovers #5. Add more light

In this respect, private house owners have a considerable benefit – They can add a top window in their shower to enjoy additional natural light. If you are the lucky one, just remember to order frosted glass for extra privacy. Those who live in a flat should install additional light fixtures on the ceiling or around the mirror. This will make shaving, doing hair, or applying make-up more comfortable. Besides, you may install a dimmer for the main lights to create a peaceful or romantic atmosphere when you’re having a bath.

Tip on bathroom remodels #6. Use unusual waterproof materials

Nowadays, you don’t need to limit yourself to traditional tiles. Think about substituting them with something more modern, like microcement. This material isn’t only famous for its use in the loft style. Microcement also has excellent durability and water resistance. That’s why it may be a great solution for your floor, walls, or a custom shower.

Tip on bathroom remodels #7. Stick to one color palette

Pick the main and accent colors, following the 50-30-10-10 rule. According to this renowned design principle, the main color should take 50% of the room. 30% go to a complementary color, and the rest 20% are accents. This will help you achieve the balance between different elements in the room and avoid too plain or bright design.

Tip on bathroom remodels #8. Install a tub only if you need it

A tub takes a lot of space and isn’t something life-critical. An active person who travels and works a lot may not have time (or just don’t like) to soak in a bath for hours. Besides, replacing a tub with a shower, you will be able to lead a greener lifestyle and save more water, which is quite significant for many of us. Generally, the space planning stage should help you clarify what functionality you expect from the future interior.

Tip on bathroom remodels #9. Don’t neglect ventilation

Inexperienced homeowners tend to neglect the importance of proper ventilation until it’s too late and mold starts to appear in every corner. You can either ensure natural ventilation by leaving a door or window open each time you use the shower or install a fan. Actually, these two approaches aren’t mutually exclusive. If you have any doubts, it’s better to consult with a plumber who can advise you what type of fan to choose.

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