5 Tips On How To Hire An Interior Designer

On the verge of home renovation, most people ask themselves “Should I hire an interior designer?” They aren’t sure whether such services are worth their price and don’t understand how to hire an interior designer. To help you with hiring an interior designer, our team has collected key ideas.

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On the verge of home renovation, most people ask themselves “Should I hire an interior designer?” They aren’t sure whether such services are worth their price and don’t understand how to hire an interior designer. There are so many portfolios available online that the choice of a specialist becomes a real challenge. Nevertheless, if you make it right, professional help will speed up the interior design process and make your premises more valuable. Hiring an interior designer is the simplest way to get convenient space planning that combines design standards with your personal style and preferences.

Kucheriavi Studio creates interior design projects and provides rendering services to designers. Therefore, we can easily tell the difference between a qualified professional and an amateur. To help you with hiring an interior designer, our team has created a detailed brochure available for download here. This article on how to hire an interior designer summarizes its key ideas.

Hiring An Interior Designer: 5 Steps To Find A True Professional

Step 1. Define Your Style And Needs

To help an interior designer understand your taste, requirements, and preferences, you have to know them. Think about your favorite style and the functions of every room beforehand. This way, the designer will have the input to work with. A successful project isn’t only about hiring a designer but also about your personal contribution. Make sure to:

  • Pick the photos of the interiors you like and show them to the designer. There are so many styles, that it’s better to formulate your expectations as clearly as possible. The photos will illustrate your preferences better than words and ensure that the designer understands you correctly.
  • Provide information on what items you want to have in the interior, the number of people using the premises, and the functions of rooms. To define those read about interior design questions you need to answer before space planning your apartment.

    Step 2. Calculate The Interior Design Budget (Economy/Business/Premium)

This information is essential for hiring an interior designer. It will help the specialist to understand the priorities and offer you the most suitable solutions, furniture, and materials. Also, try to choose the designer that suits your budget. There are numerous professional interior designers with different pricing and approaches to work. You may even outsource the project to someone located in another country to cut expenditures. In this respect, the interior design process is similar to any service. When you think you pay too much, this results in inflated requirements and expectations that can adversely affect the project. You expect the designer to do more than possible or required. Contrarily, when the interior designer suits your budget, you feel better control over the process and can cooperate as partners.

Step 3. Select Several Designers And Appoint Meetings

To do this, you can ask friends, read feedback, browse online resources, such as Behance, Houzz, etc. Pick 3-5 designers you like best to arrange a personal meeting. Discuss the agreed scope of work, services, and terms of the contract. These details may vary among different designers, studios, and agencies. Make sure to clarify everything before hiring an interior designer to avoid any misunderstandings during the cooperation.

Step 4. Consider The Experience Of The Designer

You should choose the interior designer who has already completed similar projects, but it’s not a must. If the portfolio you like doesn’t include a similar design, it doesn’t mean that your project will fail. When the designer shows interest, understands your needs, and offers the personal style you prefer, the project has all the chances to end up with success. Besides, hiring an interior designer, don’t forget to rely on your gut feeling. Communication with the designer should be easy and you have to find common ground. The first impression is usually the right one. If you feel comfortable and see the designer’s interest in your project, most likely, it will be great to work together. In case something goes wrong and you cannot achieve mutual understanding, think twice before starting the cooperation. Even if the offer is lucrative and you like the style of this designer, it may be hard to realize your ideas.

Step 5. Analyze The Collected Information and Make a Choice

At this stage, if you have asked enough questions and considered all important factors, it should be easy to choose one candidate from 3-5 previously selected options. Here are the main comparison criteria:

  • Designer’s interest in your project
  • Suitable scope of work based on your needs
  • Previous projects of the designer
  • Offered price
  • Communication and mutual understanding
  • Clear interior design process
  • Suitable deadlines

If you take into account all these factors and rely on them in your choice, this will help you achieve the best result.

Kucheriavi Studio hopes that this information on how to hire an interior designer will help you find the best option. Don’t hesitate to contact us should you need any design on rendering help.