Beauty salon 3d visualization, Los Angeles

Beauty salon 3d visualization, Los Angeles-01

3d rendering makes it easy to bring your design to life. You just have to provide enough information to the 3d visualization studio. 3d rendering process starts from collecting information. If you have all the CAD drawings and furniture/material selections - mostly that's enough to start working on your project. Being an interior designer and 3d visualizer myself, I know very well, that even the most trained and creative mind of a designer can't build all the details based only on 2d drawings. Not talking about the customers that sometimes have no idea how to read the drawings.

With 3d rendering, you can save your time and present your design to the customers a lot easier. One picture works a thousand times better than lots of words, mood boards, and floor plans. Using it you can create the right mood for your interior, add interesting details and make a few options of lighting. The marketing specialists like to say that customers don't buy the products - they buy emotions. High-quality 3d visualizations of your design with the right lighting and details will make your customers feel that the design already exists and want it even more.

Sometimes when designers get the first drafts for revisions, they change some parts of the design because when they see the near-realistic pictures of their design, they see if all the details work together. So don't trust just your imagination, let 3d visualizations help you see your designs for real.
If you think you don't have enough information or have any other doubts, you can read about the difference between design concepts and 3d visualization services that we provide.
This 3d visualization of the beauty salon was created for Studio Six5 using a complete design project. The designers required warm lighting to make the interior look warm and welcoming. If you need any help with 3d visualization, contact us and we'll be glad to help you.