Bathroom design concepts

Bathroom design concepts-01

How to present your product in a beautiful interior, if you don't have a showroom? Easily - order an interior design concept to represent your products. These bathrooms were created for the presentation of vendor's products - shower panels, shower floor, threshold, corner shelves, seats and vanity tops with different bowl shapes. Here's what the client says about the renders we created: "The bathrooms designed by Kucheriavi look so good in my digital showroom, I actually get my own customers calling to ask if they can steal images for use in their own print ads, websites, and marketing campaigns! Every couple of months I'll get a call about this."
Bathroom design concepts-02 Of course, there were challenges when working on the bathroom design, Challenging part of work was picking the right color palette for each panel color, so the shower panels and vanity tops look natural and rich. I like this type of material because it's seamless and a lot more practical, than traditional tiles. I had a lot of creative freedom, working on these design concepts, as besides using vendor's materials, elements and decor, everything else was up to me. Bathroom design concepts-03 Bathroom design concepts-04 Bathroom design concepts-05 Bathroom design concepts-06 Bathroom design concepts-07 Bathroom design concepts-08 Bathroom design concepts-09 Bathroom design concepts-10 Bathroom design concepts-11