Bathroom design

Bathroom design-01

This bathroom was created to present new materials - artificial stone and mosaic tiles. The vanity top and shower panels are made of these materials. 3D visualization and concept design help the manufacturers to save the budget on building the real showrooms. Using 3d visualization is a lot easier for such purposes. It allows you to get as many options of the interiors and materials that you need. You can have close-up and regular views of the needed interior and the objects that you want to showcase. It also helps your clients to imagine how the materials that you manufacture can look in different rooms and color palettes. You can read more about the stages of design and 3d rendering process for such purpose here.
Bathroom design-02 Of course, if you never ordered such services you can be confused because 3d rendering and interior design may look very similar. But during the last decade, these services became separate. Why? Because the interior design's purpose is space planning, creating a comfortable and stylish look of the interior, making it serve all the needed functions. Earlier when there was no 3d rendering, the designers created the perspective interior images by hand. But now, when the 3d industry is so developed, it's difficult to keep up with the design tendencies and learn the whole 3d rendering process. It includes a lot of knowledge about the physical qualities of the light, materials, textures, their ability to reflect or absorb light, and other details. 3d visualizers specialize in this area more than designers. You can learn more on this topic in our blog article here. But in our studio, we have specialists in both these areas. If you need any help or assistance with an interior design concept to showcase your materials, furniture, or other items, contact us and we'll help you with pleasure!