Barber shop design case study

Barber shop design case study-01

This small barbershop design was inspired by loft interior style and the idea of its name - "Crazy mustache". The owner had this great name idea and wanted the barbershop not to be just ordinary, she wanted it to be special. And we came up with the idea to find the outstanding Ukrainians that wore a mustache and include them in the design. Of course, we found a lot more outstanding Ukrainians than we could include both in interior design and graphic assets that we created, but we tried to choose the most famous of them as a composer of the "Carol of the Bells" melody or a helicopter inventor.
Barber shop design case study-02
As it was required the interior to be male-oriented, we decided to use a contrasting natural color palette that could cook both rich and simple at the same time. the use of metal, wood, leather, and decorative stucco made the interior look enriched with the different kinds of textures.
Barber shop design case study-03 To make the rooms look bigger we used large mirrors and made the layout of the barbershop as open as possible. Even the accent walls on the both sides of the room don't make it look too small. Even though in modern barbershop you don't have to wait in a queue, we had to place a few sits for people that would have some time before their haircut. That's why we placed a big armchair beside the receptionist's table and two small but stylish coaches behind the column. That's the place where brutal men can relax and have a glass of whiskey.
Barber shop design case study-04 In order to make space not only stylish but utilized well, we included enough shelves in the different areas of the barbershop, so the barbers can access the needed products, towels, or hairdressing tools easily without bothering the clients or walking around the barbershop too much.
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