Bakery 3d visualization. Useful tips

Bakery 3d visualization. Useful tips-01

Commercial interior 3d visualization is both simple and tricky. To choose the lighting scheme you should consider the time of the day when it will be used and the mood the customers should feel when they come inside. Working on the bakery 3d visualization we decided to combine the lights on and the tender morning light. As it sells coffee and pastry, it will be mostly used in the morning and noon. People will go there to grab a coffee to go or seat there for a couple of minutes to have a quick lunch or brunch. If it was a cafe and would have worked till the late evening, the evening light would work better to convey the mood of coziness. But here daylight or a morning light adds a cheery mood. Sunlight always helps to make the picture look more vivid and welcoming. That works well for the clients as well.
Bakery 3d visualization. Useful tips-02 But when combining the light it's important not to add too much light to the scene. Why is this so important? Because shadows make the objects look volumetric! If there are no shadows, the objects will look plain and the interior will look too bright. First of all, when setting the lighting, create the daylight and sunlight if you plan to use it. After that, you can turn them off and add the lights into the light fixtures. This was you'll have the opportunity to check if the intensity of the lights is correct and if they don't give too much light. After you turned on the lights, you can turn on the sky and sun as well and balance them. Sometimes you'll need to go back and forth before you find the best combination, sun angle, and size, temperature of the sky, and lights. And remember that the lighting is one of the most important things that make your 3d visualization vivid and alive. Interested in learning more? Check out our article on Lighting and Everything You Should Know About It

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