Avida Lobby visualization

Avida Lobby visualization-01

3d rendering became an individual industry in interior and architectural design. If you're an interior designer, you must know how much work interior design project includes besides rendering. This lobby 3d visualization we created for Quadrum Global. The company needs 3d rendering work sometimes, but not for all the spaces. So we worked on the interior, furniture, decor, and lighting fixtures modeling, based on the completed design project, including furniture, material and lighting specs, floor plans, elevations, and basic 3d model. The clients wanted to create a warm, cozy and welcoming atmosphere of the lounge areas.
Avida Lobby visualization-02 Each piece of furniture is unique, so the main part of 3d visualization work is 3d modeling of the furniture. It's the most interesting and challenging part. The designers tend to chose exclusive pieces of furniture and if it was manufactured in the late 50th of the 20th century, there are no drawings and no detailed photos. It's a big challenge for a 3d modeler to create a piece of furniture using 1 photo.