Avida Bistro visualization

Avida Bistro visualization-01

Even a great designer, when creating the interior designer and has an outstanding imagination, can't have a full picture of the interior using only CAD drawings. Before 3d rendering software became so popular and relatively easy to use, interior designers created the hand-drawn sketches of interiors that they were working on. Now if the designer is too busy picking the colors, materials, and furniture, creating CAD drawings, he/she can outsource the rendering work to 3d rendering companies. Everyone knows that you can be an expert in one field, not in everything. These visualizations created, using elevations, floor plans, material schedules and furniture, light fixtures specifications, that were created by the experts in design. The clients wanted to get a warm evening look for the bistro. The main part of our work here was, of course, modeling of the furniture, lighting fixtures and decor. These 3d renders were created for Quadrum Global.
Avida Bistro visualization-02