16-storey hotel architectural design concept

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Having an idea of the building that you need to present to the investors not knowing how to realize it at the same time? We have a solution for you - order an architectural concept design to impress the investors! What is it? It's a raw idea of the building, placed onto the area that reflects your idea, includes basic floor planning so that you have not only beautiful 3d renders of it but floor plans as well. They will help you to convince the investors that with this project they will get the functions they want and a stunning look of the building.
This concept was created using a cruise liner as an inspiration. As the area for the building was very long and narrow we wanted to use it as much as possible, having an interesting shape of the building and interesting look. The floors are connected with veins that go from one floor to another. That gave us an opportunity to make the building look not so tall. We separated every 2 floors with the false thick concrete slabs that include balcony railings at the same time.
16-storey hotel architectural design concept-02 How does that work? First - you have to send us the information you have - the area plan, information about the slope, requirements to the purpose and functions of the building, samples of the ideas, and building you like. After we get the information and ask some questions that we need, we'll get to the creative stage. As a result, you will get draft 3d renders of the building. It's very important to revise it and tell the architect all the comments and requirements that you have to it so he cam proceed developing the idea in the direction you like. After a few rounds of revisions, the concept will be fine-tuned and you'll get high-res 3d renders of the building along with a few drawings of the master plan and floor plans that will help you to get your investors. If you have any building you want us to work on, don't hesitate to contact us at
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